Ye-haw! The English and rodeos!

October 4, 2007 at 2:40 pm | Posted in humor, Personal | 1 Comment

How country-fied am I?Well, let me tell ya! Since this was the first time we had family that seemed interested is learning about the “true Southern traditions” we proposed a county fair and rodeo. Now, I am not big on rodeos, on principal of animal treatment, but they are a way of life down here.My family really decided to accept in Karma Hubby when he went to his first rodeo and rode on my mom’s horse around the parking lot! He was so freakin’ cute!
I have a huge scare on my right arm from my brother’s horse, because I wouldn’t wear spurs. Now this was an old cutter horse he had rescued that had been abandoned in a field, and he took it in and turned it into a barrel racer. The horse was happy, but he expected spurs. I refused, so the horse tried to throw my a$$ off. I held on, but I wound up with an almost broken nose, a torn up arm, and lots of bruises. I never rode him again, but we had an understanding. The horse (Major) and I get along great now, especially since he is old and I feed him cut up carrots. The scars just provide good stories. So, back to the point, they seemed interested in going to the rodeo and fair, so we took um! And they loved it!     


The kids loved riding the rides and going to all the exhibits. We saw big pumpkins and politicians, and ate popcorn and saw the ponies.

It was so much fun to watch the joy in the eyes of both the Cousins and the Kids as they wandered around.


One could forget the fun of the rodeo clown, till one views one through the eyes of a person who has not seen one before! It can bring pure, simple joy to those around you, and if you take a moment to really look outside yourself, you can see that joy, and it can bring more happiness to your heart than you can ever know. So, as the highlight of their visit, the Cousins got to see a real rodeo. They sat and sweated, and were amazed by the pageantry of it all. Anyone who thinks the rodeo is all crass, has never seen the reverence the attendees hold to the event. It really is awesome to get to see it all though someone else’s eyes.

All this mush really is because I didn’t get to show them all I think is so great about my little world. I may not travel much, and this city may not have much culture, but there is so much here that is just historic and amazing. That may not always be good, but we learn from it and hopefully we won’t make the bad mistakes again. My kids cuddled up in the car, exhausted from family and fun, and fell asleep with happy dreams of cousins and rodeo clowns!



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  1. Oooh they must have had a HOOT!
    Hee Hee I love the rodeo clowns.

    As you know,I’m in rodeo country and I’ve always thought they were abusive to animals too.
    Well..after actually going to an event this summer,lol,my opinion has changed a bit. I am still against steer wrestling and calf roping but in all other events that day it was the animals who won and the riders who were abused.
    That was pretty funny to realize. Of course I always cheer on the livestock,heh.
    ANYways I’m kind of on the fence about the whole thing…
    I’m glad you survived Major!

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