Another Home School activity

October 13, 2007 at 2:31 am | Posted in Homeschooling, Personal, simplicity | 1 Comment

First, I must admit, I am not a bowler. So, when the home school co-op we belong to planned a bowling day, I was nervous. I did get my nerve on and go though! I just got the kids their shoes, one of the other moms told me how to set up the score machine, and pushed the button that puts up the bumpers. We shared all the lightweight balls so we were set. Now is when I should “teach” right? Wrong. I did what I sometimes have to do, I got out of the way and let the kids have fun. Since I don’t know about scoring or anything, I just let them roll the balls. They had a great time and apparently scored very well with Karma Girl bowling a 93 and a 96, and Karma Boy making a 83 and 90! blogsixedbowling-girl.jpgCool! They got natural talent, and they had fun. Karma Boy learned that you can still make a gutter ball even with bumpers! He was OK with it though, cause the real fun is throwing the ball down the lane! The photo is of him on the floor willing his ball to keep going by wagging his feet and yelling encouragement. blogsized-bowlingboy.jpgI have seen the parents that “over teach” everything and their kids can look so sad. I am glad that I am learning to take myself out of the equation every once and awhile and just let them have fun. Childhood should be about fun, and happy memories!


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  1. What a lesson to learn! What a fun way to do!

    The pictures are the cutest of the wee ones, but where’s Mom?

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