Heifer International

October 30, 2007 at 2:51 pm | Posted in getting involved, Homeschooling, Personal, simplicity | 3 Comments

One of out recent home school co-op fieldtrips was to take a tour of the Heifer International Ranch.http://www.heiferfoundation.org/seminars/ranchinfo.cfmThe kids got to see some of the “sanitation stations” that Heifer is using to teach proper hygiene in other countries, meet the animals that are used to help others, and to see a global village that represents some of the living situations of the world. There were tin shanty towns,


 African round huts, and a Thai home. This place was great for learning about how one animal can affect a family’s existence and bring their standard of living up. I really enjoyed getting to see how they do it all.


We were able to see the different animals that Heifer sends around the world and learn how many ways each one can effect a family. I am still sold on a Llama for myself. Wool, milk, hauling, and protection (excellent guard animals).

It served to bolster my reasoning to becoming more self sufficient also because I can see how it is the little things that can make such a big difference. How just one animal can provide so much as to help one stay independent.

Some of the poverty issues were above the my kid’s heads, but overall, I think some of it sunk in. For, me, I left reminded of how good I have it, even when things are rough.



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  1. That’s a really neat place!
    My big dream is to become completely self sufficiant one day..so many people think that’d be hard to do and live with but I think,in the end it’d be way easier.

  2. My daughter’s school contributes annually to this orgainzation. It’s such a fantastic thing!

  3. that’s pretty cool. and thank you for the reminder to quit bitching. i haven’t got it rough at all. better than most. thank you.

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