November 2, 2007 at 11:16 pm | Posted in humor, Personal | 2 Comments

Yup, the Karma kids and I are way into Halloween. It is probably because we love to play dress up so much! The kid’s picked the idea to go as doctors, so I dressed as the patient.


Since most of the activities were just me and the kids, I have no photos of my costume (not missing much there folks). We did all the fun stuff we could! We went to the library’s story night for stories and arts and crafts, smallhalloween1.jpgwe went to the zoo’s “Boo at the Zoo” with friends where I put the kids in the costume contest,  smallhalloween4.jpg and we finished a great week up by going trick-or-treating.

The kids loved that best! I kept telling them that the whole door-to-door thing is really not about how much candy you can get, but about a chance to meet your neighbors. The kids were not as concerned with the neighbors as they were with their pets. It was animal palooza out there! My kids petted every dog and cat they could! I loves me some cute kitties, doggies, kids, and candy! I hope you all had a good time also!



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  1. we had not a single trick or treater. my halloween memories of childhood are so wonderful. after 1st grade, we traipsed around at night by ourselves, little spooks all dressed up, getting boatloads of candy. it was heaven.

    your kids are cutie pies!

  2. LOL,your kids sound like us!
    We’re waaay more interested in pets than anything else.
    People look at us like we’re nuts but I’m sorry, that whole wolfy looking malamute I saw yesterday was too darn gorgeous to iggnore!

    Your Halloween sounds like it was great fun.

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