Camping with the Karma kids

November 5, 2007 at 3:13 pm | Posted in Homeschooling, Personal, simplicity | 1 Comment

Yup, you read right! I went camping with the Karma kids! Our home school group was offered a chance to go camping with the park rangers and park interpreters at Pinnacle Mountain, so we did. Now I haven’t been camping since I was a kid and Daddy was in charge so I didn’t really have to “do” anything. Now this was backwoods camping so there were no toilets and no running water, we had to do it all!


We got to go on a hike at night to listen to the night creatures, and we learned to build a fire using a bow-and-string, cook in a Dutch oven, make burn out bowls like the native Americans,


listened to story times from a ranger and roast marshmallows. The kids had so much fun playing together and didn’t seem to even notice that they were learning anything. So cool! Here is our morning after group photo, all of us unwashed and mountain fresh! Of course, Karma Boy decided to wait till this photo was taken to try and lift up on my head, resulting in a beautiful look and stance from me! Sigh. I have no good photos of myself.



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  1. Aww,yes you do! I’ve seen great photos of you my lovely:)
    I feel as you do too about myself though,lol.

    I am so impressed with your camping fun! You kick ass! That looks like the best time ever…

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