Tooth Fairy

November 7, 2007 at 2:59 pm | Posted in humor, Personal | 3 Comments

Warning! If you are gonna dress as the tooth fairy and have the entire orthodontics office go out for lunch on Halloween, expect a few questions!


Karma girl lost TWO, count them TWO, teeth this week, in two days! She had four that were at various stages of loose, and one was barely hanging on, and with a little “checking” by the Karma Father, the tooth “happened” to painlessly come out. The second tooth that came out was after one of those “I am telling you for the last time to settle down and go to sleep!!!” kinda nights. Suddenly Karma Boy came running telling me to “come see Sissy mouth!” Turns out he had head-butted her during their rough housing and he had knocked a second tooth out (one of the loose ones).

So, where does that leave us? Well, two visits by the tooth fairy, in two days, and on the third day, we are eating a nice soft bean burrito when the orthodontics office from across the street comes in and there she is “the Tooth Fairy!” The Karma kids were so excited that they had to say “Hi!” Lucky for us, she was very nice, and quite sparkly. After a brief talk, we returned to our table to be peppered with questions from the Girl on if the tooth fairy was a pretty and soft, why did we call her “El Raton?”

( to all parents trying to give multicultural tooth experiences to their kids, sometimes the questions get tough! ( some fast thinking, I tried to explain that the tooth fairy handles the tooth situation here in the US, and that El Raton takes care of the teeth of our Latin neighbors. I then told her that sometimes, if one is on vacation, or if there is a special request, that they will do a kinda “Teeth Without Borders” thing and go into another territory to help out. She seemed to buy it, and I am so glad. I guess it will get harder when she learns about border patrols, and immigration reform ; )



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  1. You (and your kids) crack me up. Congrats on the joy/trauma of losing teeth. Oh and I love how multicultural you are. And you’re great with improvising answers. 🙂 Your last line in this entry cracked me up.

  2. Well I could not crochet a bag to save my life, but those look great. And it has encouraged me to be better about actually bringing my canvas bags WITH me when I shop. But they’re such a nice decoration for the garage…

  3. ooops — I forgot your comments are on top, near the title — obviously that comment above was meant for the bag-crocheting post, not the tooth fairy. Sheesh.

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