Pow Wow

November 15, 2007 at 7:44 pm | Posted in Homeschooling, Personal, simplicity | 7 Comments


I am so behind on all the exciting things we have been doing around here! One of the coolest things we have done was to go to a Mountain Man camp at Pinnacle Mountain ( http://www.partnersforpinnacle.org/Rendezvous.htm ).


We were able to enjoy seeing lye soap made, a blacksmith forging metal tools, and talk to the “traders” about the kinds of goods available in pioneer times. After visiting with the pioneers, we then went on to visit the Native American encampment. We were fortunate enough to be invited into a lodge by it’s owner and told about some of the contents and the ways of this tribe. It was fantastic! We really learned so much from the visit and the kids wanted to learn more, so the next day we went back for the Pow Wow. And the day after that too. The kids and I were so mesmerized by the dancing, and storytelling presented by the Inter Tribal Association of Arkansas. (I can’t find a working link for them)

 smalldancerwaiting.jpg    smalldrummers.jpg

 So, for now, here are some photos of the dancing and storytelling.


We know that my grandfathers on both sides were of Native American ancestry, but I have had no luck finding the name of the tribes they belonged to. I had held off on this post because I wanted to be able to announce my findings, but that does not look like it will be happening. I think the kids would love to be able to learn more about a particular tribe. As for right now, they are taking a series of classes with the Pinnacle Mountain park interpreters on the Native Americans of Arkansas. We have learned about their tools, and cooking (the Caddo) and are hoping to learn even more!



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  1. You so have to teach me how to make the bags out of plastic bags! They would be great to take to the grocery store. My canvas bags are giving out.

    Thanks for sharing! Your Favorite Stinky Park Interpreter!

  2. This is one of the wonderful ladies who helped pull this massive venture off without any noticeable hitches! I don’t think she slept for over a week! We love our park interpreters and park rangers! More on the “stinky” comment to follow.

  3. Did you get to watch Jingle Dress Dancers? We love them,Ciari wants to be one soooo badly;)

  4. Looks like fun. I am Indian, Sioux and Cherokee.My great great great greandfather was Sitting Bull. I used to live very close to the Oklahoma border and could go into the nation for free dental and health care.Here the only Indians are from mexico. Not the same. We do have a big Pow Wow every year though.

  5. Lael~They did not have any jingle dancers here, but I have since seem them online at PowWow.com! Totally cool! Little Karma girl wants to do the fancy shawl dance. She practices it for me regularly!
    Poody~ We may just have to head your way to get our Pow Wow on! We are just a few hours from Oklahoma so we might catch some there too.
    You are so lucky to have family that will recognize your ancestry instead of being “ashamed” of it.

  6. What a wonderful learning experience!

  7. It’s wonderful for kids to have the opportunity to learn about cultures and ways of life different from their own.

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