I pledge to Buy Hand Made, or make it myself

November 20, 2007 at 11:54 pm | Posted in Craft, frugal, getting involved, Personal, recycling, simplicity | 3 Comments

Let’s face it, there is only so many bottles of lotions and perfumes a person can use in a life time.As many of you know, we did the simplicity route few years ago, so we have very few folks we gift to throughout the year. However, when we do, I try to make it as personal as possible, and homemade is preferred. So, I have been busy as of late with several projects for folks birthdays, and for holidays. Here are some photos of the “skunk” hats I made recently for a birthday present. These were for our park interpreter who teaches our Native American classes and told us that the tail was often left on the garment as a symbol of status, so that is what I tried to do. The first hat is the prototype that was made, and undone so many times that it is now a “dress-up” hat. It has no tail.


These are a set of Harry Potter scarves for a set of friends of ours. The kids are wearing the trial versions, and the larger and longer set are the final product.


We also have kippahs kippot on the way (no photo here so that the receiver can be surprised). This is so much fun! Happy hand made ya’ll!




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  1. I love your work. You make me wish I could do that fancy-schmanzy knitting and crocheting thing that all the cool kids are doing.

    Blast! I was hoping to see pictures of the head coverings. Blast you! 🙂 Oh and here’s your random Judaism 101 lesson: singular in Kippah. Plural is Kippot. In Hebrew, you often add o-t or i-m for the plural form of a word.

    And hey, now you’ve learned something new. 🙂 You’re always doing that on your own, but I had to throw my lesson in the pile o’ random info. 🙂

  2. The Skunk hats turned out precious!! I love them! I do love the thought and love that you put into the gifts that you give. (Baby Awee LOVES her B-Day Present, by the way.)

  3. Reiza~I live for my Hebrew lessons! Thank you so much! I am loving reading all you are doing to be homemade for life!
    TheRoadHome~I am so glad that Awee loves her present! Your daughter is a pleasure to gift with her pure joy and excitement!

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