Speech Therapy

November 28, 2007 at 2:15 pm | Posted in Homeschooling, Personal | 1 Comment

Little Karma Boy is in speech therapy. Sigh. You could not imagine how many tests, and piles of paper work goes into getting a child diagnosed with a speech delay! I mean, we (the parents) knew it was there, but it was like we had to “prove” it, then had to find someone to provide services. I was constantly on the phone trying to find an available provider, meaning they were not booked up, trying to get our insurance to cover some of the costs, only to finally go with our Pre-School age co-op. I then had to sit through hours more of evaluation, development and vision, another meeting to go over all the results (which I already knew cause I was there!) and IEP planning meetings. Finally, after months, literally, we got him started in speech. So far he is doing amazingly well! Turns out he has a sever articulation delay, so we now spend our days walking around sounds like we have speech issues as we over-articulate words and get him to repeat. He is improving daily though, as several friends and family have pointed out. We are starting to get into a flow where it really is a part of our day and our home school lessons, so the stress is coming down quite a bit. Hopefully, it will not take him long to catch up with other 4 year olds in intelligibility.


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  1. Ooh doesn’t that drive you nuts!?
    That’s how I feel about all my tests..

    I’m glad you got him started now
    and gladder still he’s doing SO

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