Staying healthy

January 11, 2008 at 2:10 am | Posted in Health, Personal | 7 Comments

Staying healthy is something I mentioned in the previous post as to something I am trying to do to get me through all this. The big stuff is easy enough to know you need to do, it is making yourself do it that can be so hard. So, the standard stuff is good, such as seeing my Psychologist, trying to get enough sleep and attempting to stay positive. It is the other weird little “hippy” things I have added in that actually seem to be making the largest impact.

Cleaning out the clutter

This was covered in the previous post but it is also shown to help calm the mind and ease depression when one is in a clean and uncluttered environment.

I know that I certainly feel better when the house is clean and fresh. Little things like letting in some fresh air during the day helps a lot.

Using natural cleaners and fragrances

This helps to keep the toxins out of the house and I can use the essential oils to help boost or calm my mood as needed.

I also went out and got me a Neti Pot

While I have only been using mine for a few days now, I think I am already beginning to feel a difference in my chronically infected sinuses.


Thanks to my good friend in Wisconsin for turning me on to this! For those nights that I am just having a hard time sleeping, I can take one and ease on off! It really helps with that good night sleep stuff!

Drinking lots of water

I don’t think I need to include a link to why one must stay hydrated, we all do know that. The problem has been remembering to drink water during the day. I often forget to take the time to drink it till the kids are down for the night, then I am up all night running to the potty! I have cracked down on myself in that department and am feeling better in that I am not as thirsty, I retain less water, and my skin is softer. I couldn’t ask for much more in that department! Yeah for water and trying to stay healthy!



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  1. Good for you!

    Please let me know how the Neti Pot works out. I’ve looked at them, but the ew factor gets me. I have a weak stomach for those kidns of bodily fluids and don’t think I could handle using one on myself. lol

  2. dude. you give me credit for drugs but not THE pot of all pots? sheesh! 😉

    You’re on a roll and an inspiration. I may have to consider giving up my Endust I just fell in love with.

  3. I read your information.Your information so good and interesting for me. Thank you.

  4. I am hoping you will be an inspiration to me to clean out the rats nest I am living in. I have the winter blues and I know I would feel better if the house wasn’t such a mess.

    I’m glad to hear you are taking matters into hand and trying to control them, instead of letting them control you.

  5. Wow, my hat’s off to you. Ditto Tony on keeping the control in your hands. When the shit first hit the fan w/ me and my Ex, years back, I wish I’d done half as well as you are doing. Kudos.

  6. Thinking of your Kamrin. Gentle ((hugs)).

  7. Good for you!

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