Back to tech land! Praise to the Vikings!

January 15, 2008 at 5:24 pm | Posted in Personal | 2 Comments

I meant to blog sooner, but on Thursday night, the night before the Former was to move, my computer died. I am lucky that I have the most awesome Viking Computer God on my side as he came for an in-home rescue the next morning. The computer was not to be fixed so he had to take it to the Domicile of the Gods to lay some knowledge upon it. Lucky for me, The Great Viking was returning a computer that I had asked him to clean up so I could donate it. He managed to connect me to the old hard drive so that I could have internet access during the time it took to resurrect the dead one. I had no info saved in this one, so I have been in “read only” mode since then. He managed to install a new power thingy into my dead computer and shock it back to life! Yeah to the Viking Gods! Then, because he has to be truly great, he brought it to my home and spent the afternoon hooking me back up, making sure everything is working and even helped me connect a new printer/scanner/fax machine given to me by a neighbor when she upgraded. It is good to have the technology back! It is good to have friends that call you daily, and check on you. It is good to know that someone is willing to watch your kids if you get overwhelmed with your reality. It is good to have a Viking! I will post more on the move later, but for now, go hug a Viking!



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  1. *Hugs* to the Viking!!

    *Kisses* to the Karma Mama!!

  2. LOL! You hug that Viking for me. Very glad you’re back on line in a tangible manner!!!

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