Almost a week now

January 17, 2008 at 7:20 pm | Posted in Personal | 8 Comments

It has been almost a week now. He moved on Friday morning.

He was up extra early, and seemed as excited as they come. I went to the grocery store quickly, and while I was gone, he told the kids that he was moving that day. It was the first time he told them he had found a place. He couldn’t wait to get to the apartment complex and sign his papers. As soon as he got back, he began to pack. He even had the kids helping him. I had asked him not to make me watch him move, but he did. It was like having my heart ripped out all over again. I am crying now just typing it, even though it has been days since I cried. He was moved by that afternoon, and me and the kids were on our own. Over the weekend, we had to tweak how the visitation was going to work as we kept finding details that we had not thought of discussing prior to the move.

The kids seem to actually be handling it all very well, much better than I expected. Karma Girl breaks down mostly when it is time for her father to leave again. She just doesn’t understand. Heck! I Don’t even fully understand, so how could anyone expect the kids to?

I have been surprised at how easy running the house has actually been. Seems now that when I clean something, say the kitchen cabinets, when I come back in the room, they are still clean! There is no messy man leaving bread crumbs and coffee spills every where he goes. That is kinda nice. We are in a good routine that seems to keep us all busy enough that we are not moping to much, again mainly after visits. I am trying to get to bed earlier and earlier each night as I am just worn out at the end of the day. It is trying to keep up with the kids 24-7. Despite my best efforts, my hands are dry and cracked from washing kids, dishes, clothes, and cleaning. Luckily, I was able to take the bandage off from my self “near finger removal” efforts with the carving knife a few weeks ago. It appears that everything is healing fine with very little nerve damage. Yeah for me. Another great scar, another boring story behind it.

I am still amazed at the number of visitors and phone calls I am getting from the locals! I realized that it is kinda what folks do after a death, they show up, and know there is nothing they can do to make it better so they are just there for ya. I can be tiring fielding so many phone calls a day, and so many visitors, but at least it keeps all our spirits up knowing we are loved. Thanks again to all you blogland folks out there sending your well wishes! I really believe we are gonna make it through all this just fine.



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  1. It is a death, of sorts. Not to be morbid, but you can think of it that way.

    I won’t call you. You call me though! 😉

  2. I agree,it is like a death of sorts. It certainly is a loss. I’m so glad you’re feeling the love from everyone around you!

  3. We’re all thinking of you. And you’re right; you’re all going to come out of this just fine. Better than fine. 🙂 How’d you chop your hand?!?!

  4. I am sorry I didn’t get to see you when I was visiting AR. I didn’t know if it was the best time for a visit and I didn’t want to invade your space.

    I love ya girl and pray for you often to have the strength you need to raise your two sweet children.

  5. Just hugs from WI!

  6. Kamrin–you hang in there! Hugs from cold MN!

  7. Kids tend to do better as time goes by. It is a difficult and soul searching time for sure. You did the right thing though!

  8. Heck YEAH you and the Karma kids will be fine!!!! It’s not easy and the grieving process is the same as if a physical death has occurred, but I know you Kamrin and I know that your strength, beauty, and laughter will see the three of you through this difficult time. When you doubt me…go here … Maya Angelou cannot tell a lie!!!! HUGS and love from us to you!!!

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