My final post

February 8, 2008 at 2:20 am | Posted in Personal, simplicity | 12 Comments

I do believe this is going to be my final post. I find myself becoming stressed out over the idea of writing a post. I find myself waffling on what my “focus” should be. Then, a few days ago, I was talking to someone about how I fell smack dab in between two worlds. The conversation was something like this,

“I know folks that are consumers, and not environmentally conscience. I know folks that follow the suggestions of “institutions” over research and common sense in the raising of their children. Then, I have those that I know that are so crunchy and environmentally green that they are vegan, no toilet tissue (cloth if you need to know) using, no vaccination homeschoolers. Quite a range I know, but I like that in my life. It helps keep me balanced in knowing that I am making changes, even if I am not where I want to be yet. I love to be kept thinking.”

Then a few days later, when I was trying to narrow down what my next post was going to be, I realized that I couldn’t keep it up. I read great blogs (see the blogroll) of persons who “specialize” in areas I am interested in. I can keep up on politics, home schooling, living plastic free, recycling, simple living, and even how to make a great party drink! There are folks out there keeping me informed on issues I want to stay abreast of, such as GLBT issues, mental health issues, and empowerment to homebirth and breastfeeding advocacy.

Then, there are my friends. The reason I started this. We all wound up all over the country, with my in-laws in England, it was to be to keep in touch. Well, the folks in England didn’t use it for that, and most of us here in the states are now so busy raising our kids, that we have little blog time. We catch up in quick phone calls, and online chats. I love reading your blogs and knowing what is going on with your lives, and I love watching your kids grow. I want to provide that, but being a single mom now, I just have to give some things up, and this blog is going to be one of them.

Maybe one day, I will pick it up again, with a focus. But for now, it is time to say goodbye. I have mixed feelings of relief and sadness at this decision, but I know it is for the best. So, thank you all for your love and support, and keep up the great work on all your blogs! And think of me every time you laugh at

Peace love and namaste!



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