About the Karma Family

Me? Just a stay at home mom trying to do right for her children and her world.My Karmic Kids are 4 and 6 years old. They are sweet, kind and caring kids! They love to play outdoors and get as dirty as you wanna be!Karmic Mama lifestyle?

We try to use all natural cleaners, recycle, compost and we did a stint at cloth diapering (glad we are through diaper stage). I am trying to grow heirloom, organic veggies in our little garden out back.

We try to live frugal by shopping at thrift stores, and I have learned to sew using recycled fabrics. I am a big supporter of Freecycle. I make my own soy candles, and glycerin based natural soaps. We try not to use animal by products, but are considered octo-lacto vegetarians. I also crochet hats for the homeless and the children at the local Children’s Hospital, using mostly Freecycled yarn.

I support and encourage natural births, preferably at home, and extended breastfeeding. I also try to encourage freedom from prejudice, hate and ignorance. I call myself Buddhist, but I have Jewish and Christian friends. I have friends who are gay, lesbian, and straight.

I feel that everyone can do something to help out in the world, no matter time or financial constraints.

I am on a health streak where I am trying to get fit, and loose some weight. I do this so I can be around a long time for my little people.

I am homechooling. I love being able to provide my children with a wealth of experiences they would not get in a schoolroom setting. They both already know and accurately use some Spanish, and American Sign Language.  All because we have friends who speak these languages. I love my kids, they are so cool!



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  1. What about your friends that are Atheistic? I feel so left out…

    Okay, now you have a comment, an ice-breaker. Everyone jump in!

  2. What?!? I have Atheistic friends?!? Now that is just to much! ; )

  3. What?
    No jumper inners yet?
    Come om, this Family/Mother/Father/and Children deserve some comments…positive comments welcomed, negative comments will be referred to Guido (Da Bone Crusher…)

  4. how charming to find another karma family! We too are trying to make a difference in our own small ways. Visit us at http://kharmafamily.blogspot.com

  5. Lady You seriously do at home births you are one Fucking massive nut. I am Buddhist as well but unlike you Americans who completely destroy and twist the Buddhist religion, I was born Buddhist and in Thailand, arguably the most Buddhist country in the world. Also I drink Horizon Milk and you should too. FUCKING NUTTER

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