OK-so who can resist?

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By posting the test below, I have a chance to win! Man! How many acres could that buy for the ol’ homestead?!?

“Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!”


We got air, yes we do! We got air, how bout you?!?

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Yup! We finally got our air conditioning back. We thought we were just going to have the compressor fixed, but we knew that was delaying the inevitable. We lucked out when our AC company offered us a deal on a new unit! We so took it! So, now we have a newer model AC, and a house that is cooler than 85 degrees!I am so glad that we had learned to leave with the thermostat up because it was darned hot here! The heat index has been in the 100’s and there has been a week of Ozone action days. This means we are all kinda wheezy right now.With fans, and careful planning of window openings and closings, we were able to maintain a livable temperature. I don’t recommend living without AC in these 70’s houses though. At least not in the South. When I get the homestead plans drawn up, I do not plan to include AC, but instead to use straw bale as insulation and good layout to keep the air flowing properly.The only downside to that would be missing our AC guy. ace.jpgBye-bye Mr AC guy …..ac2e.jpg

Garden visitor

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gardenvisitore.jpgI know they are good for the garden, but shouldn’t they carry little warning signs when they are in your yard?


I like to dress myself and it shows!

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Doesn’t this handsome little fellow have an incredible sense of style?!?                                     self-dressed-boy-e.jpg

Lookie —>

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I got myself one of them there map thingies! Ya’ll put yourself on it and tell me how it goes! I feel so high-tech!

Upbeat Update

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Things are going well. With Karma Hubby and myself both seeing Psychologists, talking a lot, and really being honest, things are going better. There was a huge fight between Karma Hubby’s sister and myself (via computer) where she laid out some stuff that really woke him up. Nothing like having someone go after a loved one to get ones resolve up. He really jumped up to it after that! He realized that he cannot shut himself off from everyone, both physically and mentally, and expect things to go well. He realized that by not allowing his feelings to show they must have mistaken his silence as agreement with their disapproval of me and/or my ways. It also helped me to realize that I don’t need him to defend my actions with them all the time. SIL chose to write me off and has decided to have nothing else to do with me. This makes things all the easier. It means he isn’t caught in this weird situation between his sister and his wife. It is quite freeing to me knowing I will be able to live my life without worrying about them approving of me.

Sigh. Of. Relief.

We lost our air conditioner a few days ago also. This has brought us together even more as we must fight the sweltering summer heat to keep the kids cool. Nothing like mutual crisis to bring folks together! Gotta love the subtropical temperatures and living old school. Folks used to live in the South with out AC, the only thing that has changed is house construction and our tolerance. Sure helps me with the planning for the future homestead.

Anyway, for now, things are looking up. I hope you all are also having good times. I know that with Ms L.

( http://thoseweirdhomeschoolers.blogspot.com/ ) having gotten herself a new place, and Muzakosis ( http://muzakosis.wordpress.com/ ) heading up North near her, there will be tales of new homes coming. Add in Alice ( http://alicesair.blogspot.com/ ) and Giselle ( http://gisellestotalwasteofbandwidth.blogspot.com/ ) getting ready to have babies, and my Belle ( http://bigassbelle.blogspot.com/ ) on vacation, there has got to be some exciting stories to tell. Stay tuned to all things good in your life and love each moment for what you can learn and grow by!!!!!! Peace out my Sistas!

Happy Birthday Shana!!!!!!!!

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Happy BIrthday Shana!!!

You are the


Going home

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We had a nice last day together, and got the mini-van-of love packed. We are trying to head out much earlier than we did before. So far so good. We had a nice dinner, and said our goodbyes. We put the kids into their jammies, and I gave them each a yarn doll that Shana tried to teach me how to make that day. We stopped and got a jumbo cappuccino and hit the road.                                                                                       ready-to-ride-e.jpg

 Apparently I drive to fast. I thought everyone knew this. I am a country gal who is used to winding roads full of big holes. Put me on an interstate and it is so on! So, for the first 6 ½ hours, I drove and I drove it like it was hot! The more responsible driver then took over and I dozed. We eventually switched off back and forth till we arrived home. It was good to be home and Karma Hubby was totally shocked. I was so tired it was all a bit of a blur. We all hugged and kissed and unloaded the van. Shana and I said our goodbyes and I went in, showered, and crashed. I got up to check a weeks worth of e-mails and blogs. After that, it was house cleaning time.

It is always so amazing how much stuff there is to do when you come back from vacation. Karma Hubby had done a darn good job of keeping up with things, but there is always more. Sigh. Everything seems to be going well so far, and I think we are gonna get back in a good swing of things in no time.

The final chapter of Wisconsin

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Well, I am nearing the end of my stay here. It is to much to ask of such a caring family to disrupt their lives with my emotional self, and my un-ruly kids. I feel like Karma Hubby and I may be on the track to understanding and a peaceful co-exisistance. He saw his Psychologist and gained a bit of insight into what he has been doing and why. He seems to really be aware of how much he has tuned out to all of us and is trying to re-connect. I admire him for that. It is never easy to screw up and be caught, but to stand up and be accountable for wherever the chips may fall, that is rare indeed. This is one of the reasons I will not shut him out of my life or the life of our kids.

I feel more confident now in the fact that I can handle all of this and keep my family whole, even if it is in a new definition. The kids are homesick, and so am I (only a little though). I have an appointment with a Psychologist coming up in a few days, and I hope that will also help me to handle all of this in a positive manner. We keep changing the game plan on when to leave, but after a wonderful dinner at the local “Hugo’s Pizza” I think we have decided to leave this weekend. Poor Shana will be stuck with me on the ride down again, as we have to get her car, and then she will be returning ASAP. That is a lot of driving! I will miss the exciting action here, like going to the Piggly Wiggly (Yup! They really exist outside of stories)pigglywigglye.jpg and farm shopping for the homestead of my dreams, but a gal eventually must return home. I will miss the good time had in Wisconsin, and hope that the next time I am up this way, it is under better circumstances.

Day 6

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Well! My standing up seems to have shaken him up a little! He has made an appointment with a Psychologist and has started taking care of things around the house. I was kind of amazed. It was like a light went off on what he is doing and he is really trying to start shaping up! A gal can hope! I have felt much more calm today. I think I just really needed to say some of the things I did to him. I needed to feel that he really understood the impact this was having on his family. I finally think he does. He actually seems excited about seeing the therapist!

Well, the fun with farm life never ends around here! We have been blueberry picking-so much fun, and got lost for hours trying to find an interactive dairy farm we heard about. This kind of stuff can wear a body out.


It was great to get to visit for a while about the future homestead I am gonna have, and to talk of all the mundane little things that happen in the world. I have been enjoying this simple life and have clued by into many of my hippy ways. I now have a great recipe for Kale Chips, and a brush up on the healthy way to cook! Shana has always been an inspiration to healthy living and frugality. She has started me off on so many healthy paths in life, and regularly exposes me to new ideas that I never would have thought of. One of my biggest and most guilty pleasures on this trip was the reading of all her back issues of Mother Earth Magazine. I am really planning out the homestead and what we are going to have on it. I am thinking Llamas. Apparently they make good guard animals and I can use their wool to crochet. I am enthralled with greywater systems and solar energy systems. It is a useful way to take my mind off the harsher realities when I need to. I have the feeling though that things are only going to get better from here on out!

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